On behalf of OxalEurope, we are pleased to welcome you to the “International Hyperoxaluria Conference” in Berlin, Germany. The conference will take place in the historic Oskar-Hertwig Hörsaal at Charité in Berlin from September 29th – October 1st 2022. The International Hyperoxaluria Conference will cover recent research regarding primary and enteric hyperoxaluria. We will review novel findings regarding the diagnosis, course and treatment of hyperoxaluria. The afternoon of the last day will be dedicated to our patients so that we can address their needs and questions. We are most delighted to welcome you to the conference and Berlin. If you are interested, please register here.
OXALEurope Workshop Poster

The European Hyperoxaluria Consortium, OxalEurope, represents a network of many experts in the field of Hyperoxaluria belonging to different universities, research centers and hospitals among nine European countries. OxalEurope comprises leading scientific experts on nephrology, urology, pathology, molecular biology, and many other fields of health science. OxalEurope welcomes experts from all over Europe to become part of the consortium upon request. OxalEurope was founded in 2007, with a lot of accomplishment since:

OxalEurope was grounded as a transnational collaboration aiming to:
• increase the knowledge and understanding of Primary and Secondary Hyperoxaluria in order to improve its clinical management.
• Increase the knowledge of clinical presentation and outcome of Primary and Secondary Hyperoxaluria by building a comprehensive international database.
• Foster national and international partnerships that may promote scientific innovation and research in primary and secondary hyperoxaluria and facilitate applications for European funding for research collaboration.
• Create a forum for clinical studies on Primary and Secondary Hyperoxaluria, including trials with orphan drugs.
• Foster genotype studies on Primary Hyperoxaluria.
• Cooperate in order to facilitate the dissemination of the results deriving from scientific research.
• Remain a non-profit organisation.

Steering committee

Jaap Groothoff, MD, PhD (The Netherlands), President
Bodo Beck, MD (Germany)
Barbara Cellini, PhD (Italy)
Shabbir Moochhala, MD, PhD FRCPE (UK)
Justine Bacchetta, MD, PhD (France)
Eduardo Salido, MD, PhD (Spain)

The OxalEurope Steering Committee oversees the structure of the organisation which consists of the membership with elected country-representatives, forming the General Assembly, and the Registry Committee.